Our Vision

To educate the general public, children to adults, about the nutritional value of beef, environmental stewardship, and industry practices of farmers and ranchers to sustain the integrity of the New Mexico Beef Industry.

Our Mission

Serve as the premier women’s agricultural organization by promoting and supporting the New Mexico Beef Industry through education.


New Mexico CowBelles are women banded together by their common interest in the beef industry and related agribusiness. Many members have a financial interest in the beef industry, but membership is open to any woman interested in the welfare of our industry and willing to promote beef. 

Our organization takes an active role in influencing legislation that effects the beef industry.  We strive to keep our membership and the public informed on all key agribusiness issues.   New Mexico CowBelles seize every opportunity to meet with local, state and national lawmakers to ensure they are aware of the issues facing our industry and the importance of beef production to our economy.

New Mexico CowBelles are instrumental in disseminating nutritional information to people of all ages through volunteering at schools, fairs, and events across the state and at regional and national conventions. They are the face of beef as they man booths, presentations, and more across the state. 

ACTIVE, AWARE, and INFORMED, New Mexico CowBelles are interested in the welfare of the beef industry and the conservation of the natural resources required for it’s continued viability.


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