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CowBelle of the Year

This award is given to recognize an outstanding CowBelle member for her dedication, service and support to the New Mexico CowBelles.

Congratulations to 2021 New Mexico CowBelle of the Year, Dalene Hodnett!

“We’d like to take a moment this evening to honor someone who is without a doubt a vital part of the New Mexico CowBelles organization. Her work on our behalf speaks volumes about her dedication to our organization, the beef industry, and agriculture as a whole. This year’s honoree is not only active in her local Mesilla Valley CowBelle group, but on the state level as well. She has served as a past president, coordinates our Beef Ambassador program, and has maintained and grown our presence and engagement on social medial by managing the content of our Facebook page. She is a wealth of knowledge to our members and Ambassadors as we carry out our duties as CowBelles. To say “thank you” isn’t nearly enough. She is dedicated to promoting ag awareness to many outside our industry, and as one of our members has said, “we should honor her for all that she has done, and encourage her to continue educating the public like she does, as it is so important. She is our voice to many we cannot talk to.” - New Mexico CowBelles

CowBelle of the Year Application - Nominees to be submitted by the membership and locals to State President no later than October 1st.

Cowbelle of the Year Application

Past Recipients

1966 Mrs. Albert Harrington (Tommy) –D- Sandia Belles 

1967 Mrs. R.G. Monzingo (Peggy)- Powderhorn 

1968 Mrs. Malcolm Major (Lily)- Sacaton 

1969 Mrs. R.S. Sultemeier(Peggy)- Powderhorn 

1970 Mrs. Jack Copeland (Mary Alice) –D- Cattle Capital 

1971 Mrs. Bill Benton (Alvera)- Sacaton 

1972 Mrs. Tom Grady (Eula) –D- Cattle Capital 

1973 Mrs. Jim Harrelson (Netti)- Sandia Belles 

1974 Mrs. Earl Plank (Faye) –D- Cattle Capital 

1975 Mrs. Troy King (Ida) –D- Totah 

1976 Mrs. Benny Fulgham (Wilma)- Cattle Capital 

1977 Mrs. Karl Butt (Lava)- Lariat 

1978 Mrs. Joe Pankey (Edith)- Chamiza 

1979 Mrs. Phil Nowlin (Pat) –D- Silver Spur 

1980 Mrs. John King (Sharon)- Lariat 

1981 Mrs. Neal Vaughan (Dorothy)- Powderhorn 

1982 Mrs. Mac Bell (Betty Ann)- Crown 

1983 Mrs. Wayne Raska (Sherrie)- Silver Spur 

1984 Mrs. Jerry Brown (Jean)- Sandia Belles 

1985 Mrs. Hart Ponder (Linda)- Corriente 

1986 Mrs. Dub Martin (Barbara) –D- Silver Spur 

1987 Mrs. Bill Sauble (Debbie)- Silver Spur 

1988 Mrs. Jerry Witte (Fita)- RoadRunner 

1989 Mrs. Jim Wagner (Barbara)- Otero 

1990 Mrs. J.W. Pepper (Betty)- Lariat 

1991 Mrs. Sarge Moore (Genora)- RoadRunner 

1992 Ms. Viola Jeffers –D- Silver Spur 

1993 Mrs. Charlie Lee (Jean)- Otero 

1994 Mrs. Jack Robertson (Ella) RoadRunner 

1995 Mrs. J. Heimann (Owaissa)- Lariat 

1996 Mrs. Wally Ferguson (Anne)- Canyon 

1997 Mrs. James Sowers (Pearl)- Lariat 

1998 Mrs. Bob Marrs (Inez)- Corriente 

1999 Mrs. Gayland Townsend (Patty)- Berrendo 

2000 Mrs. Wayne Lindsey (Kay)- ChuckWagon 

2001 Ms. Evelyn Yates- Sacaton & Copper 

2002 Mrs. Jeff Witte (Janet)- Mesilla Valley 

2003 Mrs. Brian Green (Lyn)- ChuckWagon 

2004 Dr. Kathryn Malcom-Callis- Lariat 

2005 Mrs. David Kincaid (Joan)- Yucca 

2006 Mrs. Mark Barrow (Toni)- Chuckwagon 

2007 Mrs. Leslie Bond (Estelle)- Otero 

2008 Mrs. Bob Ricklefs (Rachel)- Silver Spur 

2009 Mrs. Phil Bidegain (Yetta) 

2010 Ms. Frieda Havens- Broomtails 

2011 Mrs. R.L. Posey (Patty)- Otero 

2012 Mrs. Hugh B. McKeen (Marge)- Frisco 

2013 Mrs. Joe Bill Nunn (Lauren)- BorderBelles 

2014 Mrs. Jarrold (Jary) C. Rupe (Debi)- Otero 

2015 Mrs. Gary Hathorn (Shelly)- Silver Spur 

2016 Mrs. Preston Stone (Willa)- Corriente

2017 Mrs. Carolyn Chance- Chuckwagon

2018 Mrs. Linda Davis- Silver Spur

2019 Mrs. Casey Spradley- Broomtails

2020 N/A

2021 Mrs. Dalene Hodnett- Mesilla


PRESIDENT - Jacinda Price - spriceandjprice@gmail.com

PRESIDENT ELECT - Vonda Frost - vondacfrost@gmail.com

VICE PRESIDENT - Michelle Greeman - mgreeman12@yahoo.com

TREASURER - Stephanie Avent - treasurer.nmcb@gmail.com

SECRETARY - Renee Nix - nixrenee@yahoo.com

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